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 Near's Lines

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Near's Lines Empty
PostSubject: Near's Lines   Near's Lines Icon_minitimeSun May 10, 2009 11:18 pm

Near VA's Damion Devilish.

Near, you have a scratch account yet? Get one.

Changed Lines.
"...the Hell?"
"Hey... hey you okay? Come on, man, open your eyes!"
"Crap, he might be frozen to death..."
"Damn- Hey, he's up!"
"Get him into town, now!"

"You- you okay?"
*Zane nods*
"Good, thought you were dead, lyin' there in the snow..."
*Zane looks around, asks where he is*
"Oh, just a small town. By the way, I'm Damion."
*Zane gets up, introduces himself*
"Crap- Sh, shhh..." *whisper* "...don't say your race. This is a human town. You and I are the only shifters here. Stay here for the time being, okay?"

End for then.
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Near's Lines
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