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PostSubject: A POST OF FUTURE POSTS.   Mon Oct 19, 2009 11:09 pm


-- = finish post
~~~ = stops rping with those characters and starts with TECH <333

"Hey, I..umm..I'll be right back, okay?" she said. Without waiting for a reply, she bolted off.

Land came into sight and Difference sighed in relief. She hadn't known what came over her; to run off and jump in a boat--going who knows where. "Finally!" she shouted as she dragged her boat into the sand at a beach. She hadn't expected to get anywhere, let alone an island. Unaware to the obvious signs of life; the beach seemed empty and she slowly left her boat to explore. "Hmmm..." she said, while wondering around, there was distant talking but Difference had just ignored it and told herself it was her imagination. A sudden movement caught her eye and with a flash, she was pinned to the ground with a knife at her neck. She struggled and scrambled under the weight only to stop as she felt the silver edge sharp against her neck.
"Who are you?! What are you doing here?!" Powerful, skeptical green and blue eyes locked with hers.


"Sorry, I'm just lost. Mm'kay? You can get off me now, seriously get off, I said I'm just lost."
"Who are you?! What are you doing here?!" he repeated his last sentence.
"Nnnghh..I'm Difference Past, okay? And I told you I'm just ****en lost."
She struggled again as he pushed the knife closer, slitting her neck slightly.
"Hah! Lost on an island? That's the worst lie ever!" he spat
"I'm not lying!" she growled, pushing him off her with her sudden burst of adrenaline.
He stumbled but caught balance quickly.
She stood up and threw a fury of punches at him, ending it off with a kick. "That all you got?" The cat shifter coughed and shifted, attacking at once.
Difference shifted as well and stumbled back, tuffs of fur already missing.
Difference crunched at his shoulder, while the cat shifter swiped his claws at her face. He shrieked and was tossed backwards. He shifted human, as well as Difference, while he slid down the tree. Flashing forward, he picked up Difference by the neck collar and punched her into a tree. There was a moment of silence before Difference and the boy both shifted and threw themselves into battle yet again.
She changes her tactics too quickly there's no way I could--
Difference caught hold of this moment as a chance of opportunity. She bit hard on his front leg and flung him hard on the ground a few feet away.
"Ugh, I'm soo tiered can we stop fighting now?"
At this, the cat shifter stood and laughed when suddenly everything went dark, and he couldn't feel any more. Everything around him disappeared. He fell to the ground soundlessly.
"H-hey...don't faint on me now...You did faint...right?"


His eyes opened slightly then he groaned.
"Oh, thank gods!" She sighed. "I thought you'd never wake up..!"
There was a pause. "What? Your still here..."
"Well...Yeah." She smiled.
He stood up straight now, holding his head up with his hand to help with his head ache. "Y-you know I probably wouldn't have done the same if you had fainted." He managed, trying to hold his thankful tears back. He was on the verge of dying because of her, and she stayed to watch over him.
(SIMILAR, NO???~!)
"Ah, I don't blame you. Your hurt pretty badly, want me to take you to the hospital, if there is even one?" She asked.
He managed a short laugh and let the tears roll down slowly. "I don't think it would be a good idea to have a wolf shifter bringing me to a hospital in a cat shifter tribe."
"But you're hurt pretty bad.." she urged.
"Don't mind me, it's you we should be concerned about. How'd you get here, anyways?" He asked, it was unusually strange talking to her..he didn't need to impress her, and he couldn't bring himself to be more skeptical.
"I, uh, stole a boat and went on an 'adventure'." she admitted shyly.
He laughed at this even tough it hurt to laugh.
Why does it hurt not to at the same time?

"You never did tell me your name." Difference reminded him, with a slight smile.
"Oh right, it's Down Under." he said. He had been prepared not to like her, to hate her instead. Prepared to be skeptical. Determined, in fact. But it was hard not to warm up to that smile.
A sudden voice shattered their conversation.
All sense of friendship drained from Down's face and he became pale. No, wan. More importantly, he looked more like what people would call 'Normal' for him. He leaned over and breathed words into her ear silently, "Hurry, get up in that tree and climb as high as you can, the branches aren't that far apart." She nodded, still shaken by the cool taste of his breath and his bloodied fragrance, she forced herself to scrambled up the trees.
"Down, Is that you?" A voice called.


The silhouette emerged and stared.
"My gods, what happened to you, Down?" the boy's jaw was hanging down.
Down narrowed his eyes slightly. "I'm surprised you found me, Ryan. I got in a fight last night. Passed out."
Ryan laughed. "Always knew you'd be the one to die first."
"What is that supposed to mean, Ryan?" his eyes where practically slits now.
"Ah, nothing." Ryan said, wearily. He didn't want to get him mad. "Anyways, clean yourself up or the rest of us will leave without you." Ryan turned without another word and headed back.
Once Down was sure he was gone, he called up to Difference. "All set. You can come down now." His voice hasty; rushed. Difference obeyed, a bit confused with his mood change.
"Your lucky it was only Ryan. He has the worst sense, it's a shame he has such a short attention span, too. He didn't even care enough to ask who I fought with." He remarked slowly as if not to confuse her more.
"Heh." was all Difference said, "I guess I should head off to my own tribe now."
Down nodded awkwardly, "What are you going to tell your parents and your friends? You can't just simply walk up and say 'I met a cat shifter and he beat me up.'"
Difference crossed her arms. "You SO did not beat me up! Your the one that fainted."
He smiled the closest thing to a smile he could manage; a lopsided smirk. "Well anyways, what are you going to tell them?"
Difference paused. "I'll just tell my parents I got jumped. They'll believe anything." she giggled. "I don't really think my friends will care much what happened to me as long as I make sure they don't recognize these as cat scratches."
Down nodded. "Good luck, those are pretty deep scratches."
Difference had said her farewells to Down and had headed off in her 'adventure' boat back to home. She never really expected to see him ever again, funny how things happen, though. She would see him sooner than she would think.

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PostSubject: Re: A POST OF FUTURE POSTS.   Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:15 pm

^ lolwut

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PostSubject: Re: A POST OF FUTURE POSTS.   Fri Nov 06, 2009 6:06 pm


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PostSubject: Re: A POST OF FUTURE POSTS.   

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