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 Shift Beast Off Series: Nimra Ryder

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PostSubject: Shift Beast Off Series: Nimra Ryder   Shift Beast Off Series: Nimra Ryder Icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 11:19 pm

If one was to look upon these fields from the ground, one would compare it to a majestic beast that creeped near its final years in existence; a dying beauty that is unwilling to succumb to the luscious darkness just yet. There were blemishes upon it's surface: that of silvery machines with spinning wheels and hammers that plow into it's skin and drain it of its black blood, stone and metal structures that defy laws and scrape the pale sky.

Its history ran deep and gory, twisting with fearsome battles and betrayal, with fear of the unknown, with sadness that followed defeat and death of armies. This beast had seen its days, and it was ready to die, yet it clung on. And many a man helped it; well, perhaps not mankind, more shape-shifters.

But if one was to gaze upon this beast from the air, they would know its eternal fate. This was something both dragons and birds had to live with. One of these two forced its way underground, where they believed it was safe. The other, however, embraced this fate at the summits of the mountain ranges. This kind refused contact with others, for they were afraid of spilling the secret and destroying the land.

It was the reason that crossbreeds of ground-walkers and sky-runners was forbidden and looked down upon.

It was the reason that the Gods of this land governed it from the heavens.

It was the reason why Nimra Ryder wasn't allowed out of the Serpent Tribe's crowded settlements along the Underground Lakes until she reached the age of fifteen.


Nimra stared out of her bedroom window in silence. She ran her hands gently through her dark red hair in apprehension. She supposed that she should've been happy; her birthday was only tomorrow. But her parents were acting as if the sky was falling by telling her not to leave the house. Nimra showed her draconic side and argued, but that landed her a locked bedroom door and a confiscated mp3 player. Her parents weren't usually this tense; they were probably just scared that they wouldn't have enough money for a good party, or they weren't sure it was good enough for 'their little angel'.

Still, she couldn't stand just sitting in her dimly-lit room (she forgot to replace the light bulbs before her grounding) and watching the bleak-faced shifters scramble on the sidewalks in front of her abode. It just wasn't fair.

And since her family was fully dragon-bred, they were either too arrogant or one-sided to listen to her apology.

As stated before, it just wasn't fair.

Nimra sighed and pulled away from the window. She paced the room, staying strictly on her navy-blue carpet and away from the wooden parts, wondering what she should do to keep her mind off of things and speed up time. Music was obviously out of the question, so she turned to reading; even though she had read every book in her room at least once.

Soon, the hours faded into nothingness, as did the words on the page. She found herself leafing through blurry nonsense, loosing sight of the room itself. She found herself entering a calming darkness...

Nimra shook herself awake. The book she had been reading had flopped out of reach and shut, as if to keep her from reading it again. Sunlight streamed through the window, albeit tampered with by other tall structures. It was her birthday.

She was scared.


The girl tested her door, seeing as her parents had unlocked it while she was asleep, and opened it just enough to avoid its sharp squeak. She squeezed through the opening and tumbled into the hall, failing to keep quiet. Pressing her back to the wall, she glanced around the corner to see if her parents were awake.

They weren't in their bedroom.

No one patrolled the kitchen or living room on the bottom floor either, making her uneasy. Nimra moved as quietly as she could through her house wondering where those lazy people were.

They would've left a note if they went out. They always did.

She caught her breath when she heard something in their downstairs closet. It has to be them, trying to scare me, she thought, though it did nothing to comfort her.

The frightened dragon-shifter flung open the door, expecting some sort of confetti to fly everywhere or something, but instead was greeted by a terrible sight. She held her nose as the smell wrapped around her.

They weren't moving.

Blood had spattered everywhere: on the door, the walls, the multiple buckets and other containers that lined the shelves. Her parents' faces weren't visible, but the wounds they had had already told her what happened.

Someone must've broke in, she thought, They broke in and killed Mom and Dad and took all of our money.

But why was she still alive?

Upon further inspection, the family vault was completely full as well. She couldn't figure out why someone would just break in and kill two out of three people in the house, leaving her alive.

Nimra rushed back to the closet, closed the door, and ran outside with a bundle of money. She had to make a purchase.


Dragons always get suspicious when they see a fifteen-year-old dragging two coffins behind her as she trudges through the streets of the lower Serpent Tribe. They stared and backed away, wondering what in the God's Realms she was doing. She dropped them off at her house, then ran out again for the help of her friends.

Something felt wrong with calling the authorities. She had a feeling that this had to be done without them.

Nimra banged on the familiar old wooden door, screaming if Therius was there. The door opened quickly, as expected, showing her oldest friend's troubled face.

"What, what? You're crying bloody murder out here!"

She tried to hold back her tears. "You don't know how right you are."

His expression was one of confusion as she dragged him back to her house. The door flew open once more and Therius was about to mention how long it had been since he was last there, but then he noticed the two coffins, thrown messily to the side of the entrance. She led him to the closet and begged him to help her.

As always, the darkness dragon agreed.

The deal was made: Therius would carry the bodies and put them in their respective caskets, while Nimra would clean up the blood that they left behind. When the job was done, he helped her carry the caskets down to the graveyard that lied a hefty mile-and-a-half south.

She showed her true fiery side all the way there by swearing that she would find who did this to them.

There was nowhere left to hide.


(To be continued)

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Shift Beast Off Series: Nimra Ryder
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