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 Mana Evans

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PostSubject: Mana Evans   Mana Evans Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 11:08 pm

Female, Fire dragon, lower Serpent Tribe.
Age: 15
As the Serpent Tribe expanded, Mana felt more and more trapped. She felt as if the tight alleys and streets that was her home were wrong; she preferred the wide spaces just above the buildings erected out of stone, where she could run as far and as fast as she wanted. Her parents didn't feel much for her; they gave her a home, food, clothing, but never said their hellos or goodbyes. They were almost robotic.
She didn't mind, though.

Mana's dragon form is a slim burgundy-scaled creature with small wings only mean to carry her faster; they were not built for long trips in the air. Her markings include white arrows pointing to her eyes that slink from her cream-colored horns. White arrows also split from her wings down her tail and others curl around her legs.

In human form, she wears a black shirt with two white lines down the back. They continue down her dark jeans and wrap around her legs. Her left eye is green, while her right eye is blue.

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