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 Down Under (formally Austin)

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PostSubject: Down Under (formally Austin)   Down Under (formally Austin) Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 10:25 pm

Down Under (formally Austin) - Cat shifter- South Moonlight Tribe - 16 years old - BOY - (Later got promoted from a house cat tabby to an Ashera for participating in the war.)

He has a sketchy, sneaky feel with his quiet, impish attitude. He absolutely hates humans, despite his shortcoming of living with a pair until the age of 10 when he had killed them once they found out he was a shifter. He has a stub for a tail because of the abuse they had made him go through. In cat shift, his Ashera form is slightly bigger than a normal Ashera and his black muzzle and his completely black, right paw make it easy to pick him out from a crowd. In both human and cat shift he has one forest green eye and one icy, ocean aqua eye. As you know, cat's born with blue eyes are often blind, so he is blind in one eye. In human shift, he has dirty blond hair with occasional black stripes. His pants are tattered, and his posture is slightly slouched. He wears a gray shirt with the words "WE ARE ANIMALS" on it.

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PostSubject: Re: Down Under (formally Austin)   Down Under (formally Austin) Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 10:30 pm

Pfft Austin.

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Down Under (formally Austin)
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