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 Tech Glare

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PostSubject: Tech Glare   Tech Glare Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 10:22 pm

Tech Glare - Dragon Shifter - Upper Serpent Tribe- 17 years old - BOY (Elemental power, Darkness)
Although his immediate unpleasant expression, he is a laid back, skeptical person, always with his slight, menacing frown. He doesn't trust other types of shifters as easily as his own type, so it's hard to befriend him. In dragon form, a golden stripe runs down his spine and down his tail, his claws and the horns on top of his head are also a gold color. When in human shift, the golden stripe runs down the side of his hair. Both his parents abandoned him at a young age. While in war, half of his right wing was torn off and what is left of it isn't of much use. His eyes are a shady gray, and his confident, straight posture can frighten. Because flight is no longer an option for him, Tech depends on his strength to protect him and doesn't like running that much, but he can deal with it. He wears dark, baggy jeans and a black shirt.

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PostSubject: Re: Tech Glare   Tech Glare Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 10:25 pm

Tech. That name mesmerizes me.
Awesome design.

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Tech Glare
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