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 Shift Beast Season Finale Released!

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Shift Beast Season Finale Released! Empty
PostSubject: Shift Beast Season Finale Released!   Shift Beast Season Finale Released! Icon_minitimeWed Jun 03, 2009 1:10 pm

(Yes Near, I cut you out because,
1. I was lazy.
2. No lines came from you.)

Aaaand, if you have no freaking idea what happened in it, I have prepared an explanation from Zane's point of view.

Do NOT read if you are squeamish or afraid of death descriptions.

"Jake wasn't happy that I'd cut up another wolf-shifter. He'd simply bandaged my cut and walked back into the living room without another word. I followed him, prepared to explain what had happened, when there was a knock at our door. I tried to see who it was, when they pushed Jake aside and pointed angrily at me. 'He's scheduled to be hanged immediatly.' Said the shadowy figure.

I backed toward my room, when Jake stopped me. He faced the man and said in a calm voice, 'I'm going instead.'

I was shocked, and I couldn't move to stop him. The man led him out the door and wrapped the noose around his neck.

And everything happened at once:
A sickening crack,
Aarons fearful screams,
My instinct to run.

I shifted and tore my way out the door to the forests. I kept running and running, all the while thinking, 'Goodbye.'"
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Shift Beast Season Finale Released!
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